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A little bit about me ...

After embarking on my self-employment journey at the age of 17, I've now gained five years of experience in the industry.

Through dedication and hard work, I've successfully built my business and cultivated a strong foundation of expertise.

I specialise in nails, lashes, and brows, which allow me to use my creativity and precision.

I love staying on top of industry trends and techniques, pushing my boundaries daily.

I consistently invest in my business, both through ongoing training and sourcing the latest products, all aimed at delivering best services to my valued clients.

I strive to provide the most personalised, luxurious and relaxed treatments for my clients to elevate their experience.

The Salon

When designing my workspace, I aspired to meticulously attend to every detail, aiming to create an environment that displays luxury, serenity, and comfort for both my clients and myself.

My choice of colours, a harmonious blend of sage green and gold, not only aligns with my brand but also radiates a soothing opulence, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

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